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  • 5K Pharma Consulting

    Consulting Services for Compliance in Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems and General Process Optimisation

  • 7PSolutions

    Climate Control, Security and Quality Management





  • Datwyler

    A leading provider of high-quality, system-critical elastomer components, shortlisted in the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT category in the 2021 Excellence Awards

  • Dec Group

    Active and Continuous Powder Transfer and Bulk Solids Processing Solutions

  • Delpharm

    Contract Drug Development and Manufacturing Services

  • DelSiTech

    Controlled Release Technology for Pharmaceutical Products

  • Denny Bros

    Labelling Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

  • DFE Pharma

    Inhalation Product Development for the Pharmaceutical Industry


    Process Automation for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • DJA Pharma

    Pharmaceutical Machinery for Tablet Manufacturing


    Clinical Research and Development Services and Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Product Market Licensing

  • DP Cargo

    Temperature-Controlled Transport Solutions for the Medical Industry

  • DPT Laboratories

    Contract Development and Manufacturing of Semi-Solid and Liquid Dosage Forms

  • DR Healthcare

    Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods for the Prevention of Chronic Disease

  • Drugsales

    Distributor of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Products in Malta

  • Dycem

    Contamination Control Floor Solutions


  • Eagle MHC

    Material Handling Equipment for Healthcare and Cleanroom Facilities


    Thermocovers, Insulated Shipper Boxes and Custom Cooling Elements for Pharmaceutical Goods Cargo

  • eFuture

    eCRF and Custom Web Platforms for Patient Data Collection and Clinical Trial Management


    Agitators, Vacuum Contact Dryers and Vertical Mixers

  • Elettracqua

    Pharmaceutical Water, Pure Water, Water for Injection and Pure Steam Equipment

  • Ellab

    Validation and Monitoring Solutions

  • Enamine

    Synthesis of Building Blocks for Drug Design Programmes

  • Endress+Hauser

    Process Automation Services for the Life Sciences Industry

  • Entecon

    Powder Handling and Conveying Solutions for Pharmaceutical Process Companies

  • enverdis

    Enhanced Blood Pressure-Based and ECG-Based Methods for Drug Therapy Monitoring

  • Enversed Studios

    Virtual Reality and Immersive Solutions for Medical Training and Product Demonstrations

  • Equflow Sensors

    Disposable and Single-Use Flowmeter Solutions for the Biopharmaceutical Industry

  • Erdmann Design

    Consultancy Services for Pharmaceutical Product Development

  • ERG

    Air Pollution, Odour, Dust and Gas Control Systems

  • Eskayef

    Oral, Injectable and Topical Dosage Forms of Generic and Cephalosporin Products

  • ESS

    Pharmaceutical Asset Management Consultancy and Training Services

  • Essentra

    Pharmaceutical Packaging, Labelling, and Anti-Counterfeiting Services

  • Euker

    Labels, Inserts and Mini-Booklets for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Euromed Pharma

    Development Services and Programmes for Healthcare Companies

  • Evolve

    Equipment, Maintenance, and Design Services for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

  • Extronics

    Explosion-Protected Equipment and Technological Solutions for Safety and Security



  • Gaplast

    Innovative Packaging Solutions and Applications for Pharmaceuticals

  • GD Pharma

    GlobalData exists to help businesses decode the future to profit from faster, more informed decisions.

  • GEM Scientific

    High-Performance Refrigerators, Freezers, Combination Refrigerator and Freezers, and Walk-In Rooms for Life Sciences


    Premium Roller Compactors and Dry Granulation Systems

  • GfM

    Contract Micronisation and Milling for Pharmaceutical Products

  • Ghwa Industries

    High Purity Stainless Steel Tube, Fittings and Valves Manufacturing

  • Gilson Scientific

    Automated Chromatography and Liquid Handling Instrumentation, Pipettes, Tips and Filtration Consumables


    Radiopharmaceutical Freeze-Dried Products and Sterile Components

  • GL Biochem

    Custom Peptide Synthesis, Protected Amino Acids, Unnatural Amino Acids and Derivatives

  • glyXera

    High-Performance Glycoanalysis Solutions for Biopharma and Biotech Industries and for Clinical Applications

  • GOLLER Systems

    Development and Production of Medical Devices and Primary Packaging

  • GP Pharm

    Drug Delivery Formulations for Urology, Oncology, CNS and CVS

  • Grace

    Leading Drug Development Solutions for Pharmaceutical CDMOs






  • Lablabo

    Airless Metering Pumps for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • LaboGene™

    Clean Air and Laminar Flow Equipment, Vacuum and Cooling Equipment, and Centrifugation Equipment

  • Laboratoria Smeets

    Contract Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Powders and New Technology for API Solubility and Bioavailability

  • Labworks International Inc.

    Environment Controlled Rooms, Cleanrooms, ICH Stability Chambers, Freezers, and Coolers for Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceutical and Medical Products

  • LB Bohle

    Lines and Machines for Pharmaceutical Solids Production

  • Lean IT

    Product Lifecycle Management Software and Consultancy Services

  • LEWA

    Pharmaceutical Pumps and Systems

  • LGC

    Quality Assurance and Research Tools for Pharmaceutical Developers

  • Linical

    Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Product Development Services

  • Lomapharm®

    Contract Manufacturing of Mineral Based Drugs and Nutrition Supplements

  • Lonstroff

    Rubber Parts for Primary Packaging and Medical Devices Solutions


    Low-Energy Cooling Systems for Pharmaceutical Products

  • LTS

    Transdermal Therapeutic Patches and Advanced Oral Wafer (Thin Films) Medication








    Consulting Services for Drug Regulatory Registration and Quality Management

  • RegMed prof

    Clinical Services and Regulatory Consultation for the EAEU

  • Repositive

    Bespoke, Cost-Effective Preclinical Cancer Model Searches for Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Resolver

    Incident Management and Investigations Software for Pharmaceuticals

  • Rheo Engineering

    Material Handling Products and Turnkey Process Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Romaco

    Filling, Dosing and Packaging Systems for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries

  • Ropack

    Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Services


    Humidity Measurement Instruments for Pharmaceutical Projects


    Contract Manufacturing Services for Injectable and Solid Forms

  • RSD

    Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation Equipment and Pharmaceutical Turnkey Projects

  • Rubitec

    Containment Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Rutek

    PED-Certified Tanks and Pressure Vessels, Pressure Tanks and Processing Systems

  • RxTPL

    Storage, Distribution, Graphics, Licensing, and IT Support for Pharmaceutical Products Businesses


  • S-Clinica

    Clinical Trial Management Systems for Complex Clinical Trials

  • SAFC Pharma

    Pipeline Partner for Complex API and Biologics Development and Manufacturing

  • SafeBridge

    High-Level Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy to the Biopharmaceutical Industry

  • Salare

    Fume Hoods, Process Stations, and Wet Scrubber Systems for Pollution Control

  • SanaClis

    Comprehensive Pharma Contract Research Solutions

  • Sanner Group

    Development and Manufacturing for Primary Packaging and Medical Devices

  • Sartorius

    Laboratory and Process Technologies and Equipment

  • SBH Sciences

    Preclinical Process Development, Cytokine Bioassay Services, In Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing, Cell-Based Assays, and ELISA and Multiplex Development


    Extraction Technologies for High-Purity Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Science4Tech

    AI-Powered Solutions to Accelerate Clinical Trials

  • SciNote

    Electronic Notebook Solutions for Industry Laboratories

  • SCollect

    EDC Systems for Clinical Trials and Observational Studies

  • Seemoto

    Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

  • Sefar

    Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Dryers, Filters and Filter Liners, Discs and Bags

  • SenseAnywhere

    Fully Automated Temperature Monitoring for the Pharmaceutical Industry


    Wireless Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Solutions

  • Sensum

    Manufacturer of Machines for Automatic Visual Inspection of Pharmaceuticals

  • Sepha

    Non-Destructive Leak Testing Equipment, Deblistering Machines and Laboratory-Scale Blister Packing Machines

  • SepTor Technologies

    Simulated Moving Bed Systems for Counter-Current Ion Exchange and Chromatography

  • SGS

    Global Contract Services for Pre-Clinical Studies

  • SHL

    Auto Injectors, Pen Injectors and Inhaler Systems

  • Sigachi

    Capsule and Tablet Manufacturing Ingredients for Pharmaceutical and and Dietary Supplements

  • SiliCycle

    Extraction, Synthesis and Purification Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications

  • SIRION Biotech

    Customised Viral Vectors for Cell Modelling, Gene Therapy, and Vaccination Research and Development

  • SK Skrlj

    Process Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Skrivanek

    Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services for Packaging, Clinical Trials, and Regulatory Documentation

  • SmartSense

    Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare Organisations

  • SMRxT Inc

    Real-time Medication Adherence Management

  • Sofgen Pharmaceuticals

    Contract Pharmaceutical Development Services and Commercial Manufacturing in Advanced Softgel Technologies

  • Sofinn Group

    Pure, Clean and Sterile Applications for Pharmaceutical Production

  • Sofrigam

    Thermal Insulated and Cooling Packaging for Cold-Chain Storage and Distribution


    EQMS Software for the Life Sciences Industry

  • Solvias

    Integrated Analytical Services and Solutions for Safer Pharmaceuticals

  • Soncotra

    Transportation Services for Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

  • Spirax Sarco

    Steam Management Systems Medical Equipment Sterilisation

  • Spirax Sarco

    Steam System Engineering for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • SpotSee

    Pharmaceutical Shipping Temperature and Condition Monitors

  • STARoDub

    Regulatory Affairs and Operations for Drugs and Medical Devices

  • Sterigenics

    Gamma Irradiation Technology for Sterilization of APIs and Drug Formulations


    Automated Handling Systems for Pre-Filled Syringes

  • SteriValves

    Valves and Accessories for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Stevanato Group

    Integrated Containment and Delivery Solutions for Pharmaceutical Products

  • Stormy Studio

    2D and 3D Animation for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies

  • Subcuject

    Large-Volume Wearable Injection Devices for Biologics

  • Swiss WorldCargo

    Temperature-Controlled Freight Services for Pharmaceutical Products

  • Symbiosis

    Contract Manufacturing, Fill and Finish Services for Pharmaceuticals

  • Symyx

    Biopharmaceutical Product Development for Quick Time-to-Market







  • Ypsomed

    Pen Injectors, Pen Needles and Auto-Injectors for Self-Injection


  • Zenatek

    Software Solutions for Tracking and Monitoring Pharma Cargo

  • Zenith Technologies

    Delivering Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Automation, and Process Control

  • ZETA

    End-To-End Solution Provider for the Pharmaceutical Industry